Songs from “Song for Our Life”:

Song for Our Life

Today the trees are looking like the trees
And the sun shines down just like the sun
No metaphor is needed to describe this day
It speaks for itself in every way

But we can’t find the line that fills our eyes
In the shade of what we want to say
Our own big words we’re hiding behind
Never allow us to find

What He shows us is the way
What He calls the truth He gave
When He made the life He made for you and me
Wherever we are
It’s never too far
It burns like the sun and it shoots like a star
His song for our life

We sit behind the glass and watch it all go by
Pushing things to see if it will change
Over and over it’s the same old thing
A sunny day we never seem to sing

While the same small voice that brought us to life
Calls our name like a song in the light
A tune that plays from the earliest time
Leads us to where we can find




I’ve run a race that always rages
chasing truth that always changes
running back to starting lines again
Exhaustion calls out from the running
Stealing light out from the morning
Wondering where the steps will really end?
Can there be a race where winning
starts at the beginning?

I wanna live out in the sunshine rising up to meet His face
In the good ground sowing growing seeds of grace
To relate more than religion
With eternal notes of song
Is to hear His voice and find that you belong

I’ve watched my friendships glow and fade
Like supernovas on parade
Left behind on cool and dying stars
Moments hang like rocket silence
Dreams are lost in distant violence
Even friendship wonders who we are
There can be a tie that binds us
when the words won’t find us


I’m learning that we grow in steps
But not all steps are growing
I’m seeing that we feel these facts without our knowing
This time we’ll plant a step and turn around
To jump this crashing tide
Into water flowing, rising up a spirit glowing


Those Who Stand

I was caught in the water
With the waves above my head again
While the shore it got so far away
As I swam against my hopeless sin

But Jesus reached down and took my hand
And the water became as dry land
My soul cried Hallelujah! Praise my God!

Those who call upon the Lord
Call on the strongest power
And they shall not be moved
Those who stand upon His name
Stand on the strongest tower
And they shall not be moved

Now I’m on that narrow way
With the sun of grace fresh in my eyes
While the shadow of His hand falls down
From the troubled clouds that pass me by

As He’s lifting me on that hill
I see horizons in His will
The world cries Hallelujah! Praise my God!


Why should I be afraid?
When I call on His name?


Little Man

Little man
I know you’re still behind the window
And I can’t
Give you hands that break through glass
But there’s a joy and growing treasure
In the times our minds will share
I will meet you there
I will meet you there

(Far beyond the winder skies
The wind will hold our eyes)
Oh little man
I try to plant a growing field under your feet
But I can’t steal the meaning of a season
Though it seems like I’m the enemy
of perfect in your mind
Seeds don’t lose their purpose
In the rains of time

Little man
I know I’m tall and made of iron
But I can’t
Make you a lion in a cage
When the fields are dry and lonely
And your mind is filled with rage
I can hear you there
I can hear you there


Onward Christian Soldiers

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before
Though the road becomes a forest
And the footsteps hide your home
The faithful cries of righteous lives
Always reach the throne

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching as to peace
and the miracles that happen
When this world becomes the least
Sometimes you feel forgotten
And the workers are so few
But the gates of hell will not prevail
Against what God will do

A million lights can cover up
The voice of one who’s lost
A single soul must rise and hear
The call to count the cost
Count the cost

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching unto heaven
Without the false protection
Of earthly crowns upon their head
When the dusty race is over
And your new feet walk on gold
God’s praises loud will long resound
From the voices that you told

God’s praises loud will long resound
From the voices that you told

Her Feet Walk Next to Mine
Songs from “New Songs and Hymn Reconstruction”:

These Hands

By the waters of a stormy lake
That’s where you’ll find me
On the dusty trails that many take
That’s where you’ll find me

In the desert where the starlight glows
That’s where you’ll find me
In the morning when the rooster crows
That’s when you’ll save me cause


These hands are your hands
And these feet are your feet
And these words will claim your name
To the minds they meet
And this voice is your voice
And these eyes are your eyes
And these footsteps follow you
They will testify

On a roof to raise a sick man’s bed
That’s where you’ll find me
In a little boy with fish and bread
That’s where you’ll feed me

In a tax man hiding in a tree
That’s where you’ll find me
In a swallowed soul who tried to flee
That’s where you’ll rescue me


To Be

Hey old man where’d you get the frown
Why are your tired eyes starin’ down
Oh can’t you see that was the way to be
Bright eyed and free

Hey lady where you gonna run off to
And why are those dollars chasin’ you
Oh can’t you see that was the way to be
Penniless and free

When tomorrow touches hills of time
A long long way from here
And my breath has left a trail behind
Of laughter and of tears
Will the shadow of the trees fall down
and sweep our hopes and fears
Or is there something more we’re supposed to be

Hey little boy why you tryin’ to play
With all those joys your gonna give away
Trade all you see for your final plea and your copper key


Hey dyin’ man whatcha tryin to say
Your silver hair is so familiar grey
Oh can’t you see that you were me
And time flows so free Time flows so free

Praise You

I will praise you in the morning
For another view of light
I will start the day by counting ways
You have blessed this mortal sight
And if the morning does not linger
But there is no sunset to find
I will count myself completely blessed
To have known this morning time

You see my God He saved me from the fire
And his son He pulled me from the sea
And someday my God is gonna take me
Where I only long to be

I will praise you in the evening
when the sun has closed the day
And I’ll take the time that you’ve made mine
And I’ll use it just to say
That you could not have done better
With the things that I’ve done wrong
And to know that you’ve forgiven me
Makes the night ring out in song


Wake them up

This world can be so hard
To things of flesh and bone
And sights can be so strange
To those so far from home
And some will close their eyes and sleep
Embrace the darkness there
We’ve got to see their eyes and seek
To keep a vigil there

Chorus We’ve got to wake them up with praises
Give the world a reason why
To turn their darkness into dancing
Underneath a brand new sky
We’ve got to testify to greatness Of the golden ark of life
And let their wandering turn to purpose
Following a rising light

The wind can be so dry
To those with tired faces
And dreamers follow lines
To blue and heavy places
And some will stare into a place
That seems to glitter far
We’ve got to show his eyes of grace
Will meet them where they are


Your Will

Sometimes I feel your will is written on the back of my hand
But I’m too busy grasping at straws to see it clearly
Sometimes I feel your will is written on the front of my forehead
And everyone around me can see it
Everyone can see it but me

Sometimes I feel your will is like the bright blue sky
And I can stand in awe of miles and miles of clear blue wonder
Other times I feel your will is like the deep blue ocean
And I can only stare, stare and wonder

your will is written in your word
And I pray you’ll write it, write it on my heart
Your word is a chorus to my world
And if I listen I can hear my part
I don’t ever have to wonder wonder about your will

Sometimes I know your will is like a million bucks a minute
And a great big river is flowing into my empty cup
And in a thousand lifetimes I could never spend it
But in this single life I just don’t spend enough

And then I recognize with all the mess my hands have made
Every time it is your hands that set me on my feet and clean it up
And then I realize the price it has been paid
And it was so much higher than a million bucks


No Tarot cards No 1-900 calls
Don’t need to read the stars
I know the one who made them all
Don’t need a horoscope or tea leaves left in my cup
No séance guy to give me hope
I know the one who makes the stuff


Eternal Father

Hymn part as traditionally sung

Hear our cry Eternal Father
Calm our hearts in times of strife
Be our rock against the crashing sea
And let us walk these waves
And keep our eyes on you

Let us keep our thoughts on you
And let our footsteps follow true
Till the work is done
And they lead home again


Random Songs:

Christmas Song

Living in the past is rough
When you don’t go back far enough
2000 years and miles away
Before you even lived a day

And underneath a million stars
You may wonder where you are
And at the end of travelling days
You may wonder where you’ll stay
But like a shepherd on a thankless night
If you need to find a hopeful sight
You will find it in the simple birth
Of a single Son who walked the earth
To a Cross that showed a lost ones’ worth

Do you have the Joy of the Angels?
Do you have the Hope of His Promise?
Do you have the Peace of Forgiveness?
These are gifts from on High

Do you have a manger in your heart
That is where your Savior starts
Have you reached a hill so far away
And let Him take your sins away
If you want a peace deep in your soul Like a starry night so long ago
Forget the sleep of shepherds fright
Follow His forgiveness light
Where angel voices fill the night

Noel Noel
Noel Noel
Born is the King of Israel

Do you have a Joy like a chorus?
Do you have a Hope like a child?
Do you have a Peace like a river?
These are gifts you can’t buy

Do you have a manger in your heart
That is where your savior starts

All songs and arrangements (c) Mike Shaw

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